Analog PBX

The Analog PBX Series offers 5 to 256 extension ports. It boasts SMD hardware technology and robust software with fully loaded features. S -series PBX are easy to install and are widely used in homes and small – medium sized offices

Key Features

  • CLI – DTMF as well as FSK
  • Auto Attendant Voice Message Recording
  • Memory Dialling : To call the frequently dialled numbers using Two Digit Codes
  • Flexible Numbering of Extensions: The extension numbers can be changed according to user’s choice
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Alarm (Selected Models) Emergency Call
Auto Call Back Flash Time setting
Auto Call Disconnection Flexible numbering of extension numbers
Auto Attendant with 3 voice messages: Welcome message, Extn. Busy message, No Answer message.,Alternately, it can be set such that the caller,hears Welcome message while incoming,Junction call is ringing on an Extn. (Except 108S) Hold Music with provision to connect external source
Extn. Busy message, No Answer message. Hot Line to Junction or Extension
Alternately, it can be set such that the caller Junction Access during Power failure. This is optional in 848S/880S/16120S
hears Welcome message while incoming Junction dialing controls- Allow/Disallow ISD, STD, Local numbers or control through Denied/Restricted table
Junction call is ringing on an Extn. (Except 108S) Junction Grouping
Battery Charger for operation during power failure Junction ring assignment in Simultaneous / Round Robin mode
Barge-In KTS Connectivity (In specific models)
Boss Secretary Call Memory Dialing
Call Details / Call Billing / Call Recording / Hotel Paging through PA Amplifier (Optional)
Management through Computer (Optional In 848S/880S/16120S only) Password changeability
Call Forward – in 3 different conditions Redial
Call Pick-Up Walking class of service (In 848S/880S/16120S/308HSK/832HSK)
Call Parking
CLI – Transferable + Internal (DTMF / FSK) Key Features
Date / Time Setting Auto Answer on KTS
Day / Night Mode LCR (Least Call Routing)
Do Not Disturb (DND) Menu driven programming from KTS
Door Phone – 1 or more (Optional) Paging (KTS paging built-in)
Door Lock – 1 or more (Optional)

PBX Model Configuration Battery Backup KTS Connectivity Number of KTS Computer Connectivity Download Manual
105 B 1 Junction, 5 Extensions
108 S 1 Junction, 8 Extensions
206 S 2 Junctions, 6 Extensions
308 SS 3 Junctions, 8 Extensions
308 SK 3 Junctions, 8 Extensions 1
308 S 3 Junctions, 8 Extensions
308 HSK 3 Junctions, 8 Extensions 4
416 S 4 Junctions, 16 Extensions
424 S 4 Junctions, 24 Extensions
432 S 4 Junctions, 32 Extensions
832 HSK Expandable to 8 Junctions, 32 Extensions 4
848 S Expandable to 8 Junctions, 48 Extensions
880 S Expandable to 8 Junctions, 80 Extensions
1696 SK Expandable to 16 Junctions, 96 Extensions 4
16120 S Expandable to 16 Junctions, 120 Extensions
256 SK Expandable to 32 Junctions, 255 Extensions 8