Digital PBX

The Digital PBX Series offers 8 to 504 ports. It supports up to 2 PRI Lines. With a sophisticated combination of hardware and software, these systems provide an extremely stable and trouble free communication experience.

Key Features

  • Expandable up to 504 Ports
  • Up to 2 PRI Line Interface
  • Fully Non-Blocking architecture: Communication on all ports can take place simultaneously
  • Auto Attendant Voice Message Recording
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Expandable up to 504 Ports Call Forwarding – in 3 different conditions
CO Lines - Maximum 96 Call Pick-Up
PRI Line Interface - Maximum 2 Call Parking
Auto Attendant messages for two concurrent Telephone Calls
Welcome Message, Extension Busy Message,No Answer Message
Wrong Number Dialed Message
CLI – Transferable + Internal (DTMF / FSK)
KTS Extensions - Maximum 32 Conferencing
VOIP Solutions Available Day / Night ModeDo Not Disturb (DND)
Non-Blocking Architecture: Communication on all ports can take Door Phone – 1 or more
CTI Port for Computer Telephony Interface with Third-Party Software Door Lock – 1 or more
Battery Charger for operation during power failure Flash Time setting
Alarm Flexible numbering
Auto Call Back Follow me
Auto Call Disconnection Hold Music with provision to connect external source
Barge-In Hot Line to Junction or Extension
Battery Charger for operation during power failure Incoming Telephone Ring Assignment in Simultaneous / Round Robin mode
Boss Secretary Call Telephone Line Access during Power failure
Call Details / Call Billing / Call Recording / Hotel Management through Computer Telephone Line Dialing Control: Allow/Disallow ISD, STD, Local numbers
Redial Telephone Line Grouping
Paging Memory Dialing
Walking class of service

PBX Model Ports KTS (Max.) PRI Download Manuals
Installation Programming Operating
DG 40 40 32 -
DG 72 72 32 -
DG 120 120 32 -
DG 248 248 32 -
DG 504 504 32 -
DG 250 228 32 Up to 2