Intrusion Alarm System - Sensors

Magnetic Sensors

Senses intrusion from Doors, Windows etc

Beam Sensors

Senses movement of people in open areas like Terrace, boundary wall etc


Single Beam

BS-100 MTR

Dual Beam

Wired Out Door Type, and can be converted to wireless by connecting BS-PS-WL which also has built-in Li batteries
for back-up during power failure + Protection from Rain, fog, and snow + Dual Beam avoids false alarm due to birds, insects & falling leaves.

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Smoke / Heat Detectors

Detects Fire / Rise in temperature in an area

Smoke Detectors


4 Wire type Smoke detector + Tamper Protection

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Wireless type + Tamper Protection + Low battery
Indication & Sound

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Heat Detectors


Wired Type +Tamper Protection + Normal working indicator
+ Sounds Buzzer when ambient temperature rises beyond 57 Deg C.

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Wireless Type +Tamper Protection + Sends alarm message to
Burglar Alarm System when temperature rises beyond 70 Deg C.

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Additional Siren / Flashing Siren

Connects as external siren

There are various Wire type models with sound level ranging from110 dB to 120 dB.
There are models that have Flashing light built-in.They all have option to add Tamper Protection
and to make them Wireless type.

Gas Detector

Senses the presence of Natural GAS / LPG GAS in kitchen


Wired type +Tamper Protection + Light and audio sound when GAS is detected

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Wireless type + Light and audio sound when GAS is detected

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Wireless / Wired Key Board

To Operate the System through one or more additional Key Boards

Wireless / Wired Key Board

One or more Wireless or Wired Keyboards can be used to operate the System. Each Wireless Keyboard will occupy 1 Wireless Zone. It has Built-in Siren: During Intrusion/Panic, siren of the WKB also works. It has Built-in Li Batteries for operation during power failure

Signal Repeater

Increases the range of wireless sensors

Signal Repeater

It has built-in Li rechargeable batteries for operation during power failure +.Multiple Signal Repeaters can be cascaded to increase the range further more.

Extra Battery Bank

Extra Battery Bank

Used to extend the battery life of wireless sensors such as Magnetic Sensor, Vibration Sensor and PIR Sensor to up to 4 years