Intrusion Alarm System - Main Units

Hybrid Burglar Alarm Systems that simultaneously connect to both Wired and Wireless Sensors

Key Features

  • Built-In GSM & SMS Dialler
  • Connects to 8 Wired Zones + 75 Wireless Sensors simultaneously
  • All programming via SMS & Android/ iOS App
  • User definable Names of Wired Zones / Wireless Sensors
  • Two-Way Communication with the panel
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Built-In GSM & SMS Dialler
The system dials up to 6 Telephone numbers and sends SMS through the SIM card in case of intrusion. An alarming sound is played during the call, and a programmable message can also be played through an optional voice card.
Remote Monitoring / Listen-in & Talk
User can make a Telephone call and listen to the voices near the main unit & can even talk through the main unit. The same is true in case of intrusion as well. The system can also be ARMED / DISARMED through the telephone call.
Battery Rechargeable Built-In
It has in-built Li batteries for backup lasting up to 12 hours. There is an option to connect additional batteries for longer backups.
Record of last 100 events with date & time stamping to check the history of various events are stored in the main unit and can be viewed by the user.
8 Wired Zones & 75 Wireless Sensors
8 Wired zones & 75 Wireless sensors can be connected simultaneously. Each wired zone can connect to unlimited wired sensors in series, provided the total loop resistance is less than 200 Ohms.
Signal Repeaters
Operating distance of Wireless Sensors from the Main Unit can be increased with Signal repeaters. They can be used in series to increase the distance further.
Voice Message played during Intrusion
Upon intrusion, the system calls the registered users and announces the exact Sensor or Zone Number from where intrusion has taken place.
Tamper Switch - In Built
The main unit come with built-in tamper switch which guards it 24 hours. If the unit is tampered with, user is alarmed through Siren & Telephone call
Battery Low SMS
When in-built batteries of the Main Unit or any of the Wireless Sensors (compatible for this feature) goes low, the System alerts the user. The display on the main unit gives exact sensor number along with mild beeps, and SMS is also sent to the telephone numbers.
Alert for Door Left Open
When the system is being ARMED, if any door having Magnetic Sensor (wired or wireless) is open, the system will alert the user. The same is true for all wired sensors as well.
Programmed by SMS & Android/ iOS App
The system can be completely programmed by SMS and Android/ iOS Application through the registered phone numbers.
Traitor Alert
One or all Wired Zones or Wireless Sensors can be configured for ‘Traitor Alert’ feature. Whenever any of these sensors is open in DISARM mode, the system will give mild beeps thereby alerting the user about doors (used by servants, maids, etc.) being open. The mild beep doesn’t disturb the user, yet keeps him/ her alert. The sensor numbers that are open are displayed on the main unit.
User Definable Names of Sensors & Zones
User can give names to the System as well as the Wired Zones & 8 Wireless Sensors. This name of up to 15 characters long is displayed in the SMS received by System.
Arm Bypass
User has option to ARM all the Zones or selected Zones.
SIM Balance check
Registered mobile numbers can know the balance amount of the SIM through Keypad of System, SMS and Android/ iOS Application.
Electrical Lights ON during Intrusion
Selected Light load can be made to switch ON whenever there is an intrusion.
Auto Arm/ Disarm - Day Wise
System can be programmed to ARM / DISARM at 3 different sets of timings. These timings can be different for each day of the week. For example, system can be kept ARMED on Sunday but on rest of the days it can get ARMED at 9PM and DISARM at 8 AM. Up to 10 Holidays in a year can also be separately programmed
Multilevel Passwords
It has 1 Master & 5 User Passwords. Master Password can do all operations and programming as well. User level Passwords can only ARM or DISARM the system. The History records would show which Password had ARMED / DISARMED the system.
Siren - Built In
One Siren comes built into the system with option to connect an external Siren. More than one Sirens can be connected through optional power supply.
Additional Keyboard Connectivity
One or more Wireless or Wired Keyboards can be attached for operating the System.

Models & Configurations
Model Dialer Type Wired Zones Wireless Sensors LCD Display Keypad LED Display Download Manual
BAS-G GSM + SMS 8 75
BAS-B None 2 50